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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Age of Empires - MY EMPIRE

-------------------------------- CHAPTER TWO -----------------------------



please read CHAPTER ONE - RISE before reading this.

A new TITAN was on RISE. I will name myself as Ayesha Takiya for the purpose of this record.

For next few weeks several games were played, in which Ayesha's job was to collect resources for his "Royal Allies". Ayesha became a preferred player as no one in the real game wanted to do a dirty job of collecting resources. Everyone wanted to fight, which was easy to do if you have a designated resource collector on your side. Ayesha was happy to be considered as a key TITAN now. With time Ayesha's strategies grew. Ayesha was always the first one with 200 population. Ayesha always had the highest population at any given time. Enemies were afraid of Ayesha's armies of men. Men that will be all over the map doing exactly what they were supposed to do, stealing resources. Enemies changed their strategies to aim Ayesha as the first enemy. Enemies used to look for Ayesha's men and kill them. Many TITANS, increased their kills by doing so, a shame. Ayesha was the first TITAN who stopped caring for his men. He stopped trying to save his men. He will produce many more men on the other side of the map. TITANS were afraid of Ayesha.

Ayesha got bored. He was bored with the same game again and again. Everybody was killing Ayesha and Ayesha killed nobody. Everybody after the game talked who they killed and how. Ayesha was quite, He hadn't kill anybody, except few towers and catapult. Ayesha wanted to fight. He chose Egyptian as a civilization. Egyptian, a civilization which can give 100% as tribute, civilization whose men were strong and faster and a civilization in which army could be build based on food and wood, was Ayesha’s favorite. Ayesha also chose a color, blue, many who played with me will remember. For many ... many games, Ayesha tried to build his army but could he couldn't do it. Then times changed. Ayesha, an expert on resource collection, was the first one to reach Iron age in 20 minutes. He brought syth on the map when all the other seven were in bronze. Blue color Egyptian syth, over 40 of them, when first seen by an enemy while he was in bronze, he resigned immediately. Game was finished much before than it was supposed to. Ayesha was the new TITAN with thousand of resources and great armies. Now if someone asked for resources from Ayesha, Ayesha would say 'NO'.

Stratigies changed. Team-mates started giving Ayesha resources to make him reach iron in 18 minutes. Once in iron, Ayesha produces sysths, only syths. Only building Ayesha would build were research buildings and stable. Ayesha will produce 200 syth. Ayesha was first one to attack. Enemies would resign if Ayesha's syth reached their town-center. Enemy, whose town-center was infront of Ayesha's, would leave his town-center with research of bronze to hide behind his allies. Ayesha was the one who attacked two enemies at the same time. All map will glow with the blue color. Ayesha became the formidable. Enemies again wanted to kill Ayesha first, this time not for men. Enemies didn't wanted Ayesha to reach iron. Becauase once Ayesha is in iron game will end.

His studies screwed. Ayesha learned hacking. He learned how to hang windows machine using linux boxes, so that he will get the machine, while some studious student would have to leave. Ayesha would come to computer center at 9 PM. Ayesha then would play game till 8’o’clock in the morning. Actually it was class at 8 in the morning, which Ayesha didn’t want to miss. Why would Ayesha miss a class in air-conditioned room, where a man will make him sleep? No, Ayesha would not miss it. Actually Ayesha would be happy to miss it, if other titans were ready to stay at computer center and play. Anyways after attending all the classes and having lunch, Ayesha would go to his room and sleep some more. After all Ayesha had to go to war in the night, so rest was necessary. Ayesha will wake up at 6, o, clock and do the daily activities of brush, bath and toilet. Ayesha will have his dinner and then will leave for battle field.

Ayesha built great empires on the map. Half of the map will be separated by blue wall (like wall of china). Wall would be guarded by blue towers with priest by their sides. No enemy would try to bring his catapult near. Allies were happy to have blue color on friendly side. They would ask Ayesha to cover an area, so that they can build their base. Allies would ask for syths of Ayesha to protect them. Other half of the map would be blued by the syths, over 200 of them attacking all the enemies at the same time. Enemies were all yelling at the same time for help, all of them running from one side to other on the map. Enemies could not find any place to hide. And this was usual. Ayesha became the ruler. He was a preferred player, a great TITAN.

---------------------------- END OF CHAPTER TWO ------------------------


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