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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Age of Empires - FALL OF A TITAN

----------------------------------CHAPTER THREE-----------------------



Please read CHAPTER ONE - RISE and CHAPTER TWO - MY EMPIRE before reading this.

Ayesha was invincible in the map. He was the best in the institute. He was a star. An honor to his hall, batch, department and institute. The real world was too boring. In real world Ayesha was a loser. His studies were all bad. And grades were difficult to get. Ayesha wanted to take every one of those real world champions to this new world, where he will kill them. He will kill them badly. Ayesha had fantasies of locking the enemies such that they can't do anything. Ayesha would lock enemies' men by the wall so they can't move and then enemy would have to kill his own man by himself. It was a gratification for Ayesha, and great humiliation for his enemies. In usual conversation with his friends, Ayesha would tease his friends "Meet in AOE". And then they would say "Ok. Fine. We know you are the best.” Ayesha would laugh.

Slowly and steadily, He became haughty. Ayesha would not play with bad warriors. They were not up to his standards. They were all easy to defeat. Ayesha asked bad warriors to come in teams. He would play one Vs many and still win with ease. He would despise those, who were learning for a long time and still can't stand his first attack. He would mock those who were senior and old TITANS after defeating them in the game. It was all for fun and nothing else. But it was too much fun. Bad warriors would play against Ayesha, because they did not want to be humiliated. So Ayesha didn't play with newer generation. And then the fall had begun.

Bad warriors playing among themselves, learned new ways of the game. They came up with newer strategies. They became faster and good. And It all happened when Ayesha was not part of those games. Some of those came to play with us, in our grounds when we were short of some players. Those kids, good for nothing according to Ayesha, started playing with TITANS. These kids started building armies that can stand against Ayesha's syths, but still, not for long. And then he faced the first defeat. Two kids attacked Ayesha with their archers, 50 of them, while they were in bronze. Ayesha had to leave his base and run for a hide. Ayesha had forgotten the art of resource collection. For past many weeks, Ayesha hadn't collected resources. He didn't have to. His allies used to give him all the resources. Ayesha tried to increase the population but all in vein. Enemies' archers enjoyed finding and killing Ayesha's men. My team LOST. Not that my team lost for the first time, but this time was special, because Ayesha could not stand against kids. I guess I will refer them as 'prince' TITANS from now onwards.

Ayesha tried to learn new ways, but princes were too good. Ayesha could never come out of his own way. He could not leave "the way", which brought all the fame and victories. He would still try to reach Iron as fast as possible. If he reaches iron, with some resource, he will become invincible. Everyone knew that, even enemies. Enemies started attacking him while he was in tool. The only intention was to delay in reaching iron. And if he could not reach iron, he was very bad player, a resource sucker of the team. He tried to go back to the role of resource collection for his prince allies. But he found it humiliating. After all he was a warrior, not a resource collector. At the same time new world came as warcraft and AOE II. Ayesha was a bad player in the new world. And he didn't want to loose to princes. And thus Ayesha LEFT. A TITAN, who thought, that he was invincible, lost interest in the game. And thus the TITAN fell.

---------------------------END OF CHAPTER THREE -----------------------


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