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Monday, February 12, 2007

Too much stress or time

would you believe that I wrote the following junk.

hours gone days gone and gone are weeks,
spirits of the group are going weak,
looking for mails and looking for fun,
things are fading like the evening sun,
so let us start some cool activity,
few from anuraag few from anubhuti,
I know that you have no time,
yet alok and hitesh should try some rhymes
Manish and vinesh are getting so busy?
I think work is less and they are lazy
Chirag and Saurabh where are you,
you look like lost & we are looking for you.
there are no signs of jaggu and kotes,
we'r waiting for cracks and waiting for jokes,
Pankaj and vishal what's the situation,
there is no news there is no question,
there no sounds of vikas and chandu,
write something junk or something fandu,
everyone is requested to put some bang,
to light those spirits back in the gang,
mittal is waiting for reply from you,
you all should know that I love you.

I know I know its good.

please everyone of you should give it a try
write some poem and write some rhymes,
I know most you won't be close to this *********************** (j/k)
still you should give it a shot and let it miss.