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Friday, May 26, 2006


Last few classes have been fun. I have learned some important things. Here is first.

Differentiation: Say there is a market for red widgets. The full market currently demands the red widgets and supply is met. Everyone buys the same red widget. And noone is able to think of any other color for widget but red. And here you come with your blue widget. An extremely extraordinary, out of box idea of producing dashing, shining, latest blue widgets. And it doesn't sell. No body is buying it. This is new, this is latest, this is different. This has to be good. Yet no one is buying it.

Moral of the story: "You might create something different but it is not differentiation. A differentiation is only some change which can be valued by someone else other than yourself. And numbers those someones matter."

Think of it, it is everywhere. You go to your boss, you tell him "see I have this new way to code or complete this task, why don't you promote this among others? and why don't you give me a raise for the same?"

Now you know why he really doesnt care about your extremely brilliant idea.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Winning is NOT everything

is not everything - is the only thing."

I remember quite well that whenever somebody told me "it is more important to participate than to win.", I had invariably lost whatever I was trying for. Was it just a coincidence? No right. There is a pattern which hard to miss. Participation becomes important only to loosers, to everyone else its the winning that is important.

Yeah I know I am a little disappointed today. I guess I have to let it go and just live an easy life. Fine DONE.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oops I did it again

I wrote this to my follow classmates.

From: Deepak Mittal
Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2006 12:57 AM
To: Anupam Anand; Siddhant Bhansali
Cc: Students07
Subject: RE: Economics Mid-term - comments?

Dear Anupam,

You could have sent this mail only to Siddhant. And so could I, but what to do, I was a software engineer as well.


You doing good job. I would appreciate if you continue to do so.

- Deepak

PS. And Anupam, just because you are not running for any post doesn’t give you right/luxury to spam my mailbox. “spare the group”, I would have been glad if you knew what it meant.

From: Anupam Anand
Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2006 8:53 AM
To: Siddhant Bhansali
Cc: Students07
Subject: RE: Economics Mid-term - comments?

Dear Siddhanth,

I am grateful that you are so concerned about all of us (it didn’t occur to me that several guys have been so concerned about all of us in this election season).

However, I really don’t see how you would see “if we can improve the process for the next time”, unless Ms Savita Mahajan has offered you the position being vacated by Sunita Chatta. Even then, I don’t find any way to “improve the process”. As one of the ad goes, “gaur se dekho, har ghar kuchh kehta hai”, you look at questions carefully and you will find the only surprise factor they had was surprise. There are guys and girls who have successfully attempted all questions (no, I am not one of them).

Therefore, I request you to curtail your philanthropic activities and stop being so concerned about us. I don’t speak on behalf of Students07, but I would rather not receive any more spamming mails from you.

A friendly suggestion: As an ex-software engineer, I know the temptation to write crappy mails is irresistible, so, next time your hands itch, please expand the Students07 list and remove my name. I don’t want access rights to this group getting revoked because most of other mails have been quite helpful.



Anupam Anand.

PS: I am not running for any post, am not desirous of any publicity and these are my own views. You or anyone else is most welcome to discuss with me personally, but please spare the group by not “replying to all”. And rest of the batch-mates, I am sorry to spam your mailboxes.

From: Siddhant Bhansali
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 5:03 PM
To: Students07
Subject: Economics Mid-term - comments?

I think everyone had a very interesting experience with the Eco mid-term today… Can folks reply to me alone (do not reply-all) with comments / thoughts / suggestions / what-when-wrong / what-went-right (J) – I’ll compile the results and see if we can improve the process for next time…

Please reply by Saturday end of day. The comments will be anonymized.


Siddhant Bhansali

This is what I intended to write:

From: Deepak Mittal
Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2006 12:57 AM
To: Anupam Anand; Siddhant Bhansali
Cc: Students07
Subject: RE: Economics Mid-term - comments?

Dear Anupam,

You could have sent this mail only to Siddhant. And so could I, but what to do, I was a software engineer as well.


You doing good job. I would appreciate if you continue to do so.


This is NOT a spam. I believe we would be better managers if we knew how to address people properly in public forums like this.

- Deepak

I guess I will just pacify myself by putting it here. I am glad that you are reading it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

12 Years in 8' X 12'

I am frust. You may choose not to read this article.

It started when I was 14 Years old. My father one told me that he plans to put in boarding school for secondary education. I joined Lala Kamlapat Singhania education center in July, 1995 as 9th standard student. I wasn't sad, was rather excited. We were 4 guys sharing a room or rather a hall. And all my luggage could be packed in 2 bags. I started a life out of home and I didn't realize I am gonna live like that for next 12 years or probably more. School was fun, we used to play games, bunk classes and ogle girls with gang. I didn't need my parents, except for monthly cheques, which I always got well in advance. I never felt homesick. I stayed in boarding school for 3 years. I learned to eat non-veg, drink beer and appreciate woman anatomy. Then one day I left my hostel and all my gang, never come across most of them till now.

I packed my two bags and came to Kota, for IIT coaching. I stayed with my parents to start with. Even though I had a 8' X 12' room which I didn't have to share with anything but books. And no-one ever really disturbed me or my stuff, it wasn't exactly hostel. I had my own keys for main door but somehow my mom will always know at what time I came back to my room. I didn't like it. So I took a room in Kota, away from my home and closer to coaching center. I made some friends. Life was good again, watch late night shows of those movies, drink beer and smoke. Eat burgers and miss dinners. I did study too and made it to IIT kanpur. Luggage was again packed in 2 bags and say goodbye to people whom I will never meet again.

I stayed in IIT Kanpur for 4 years. First three years in a room 18' X 18' sharing with others and then I got a 8' X 12' for myself for the final year. I learned to play computer games, hack email boxes, download songs and movies and spread viruses. Life just turned around. Be awake all night, share my innovative ideas, whims, principles with who ever cared to listen. Sleep in all lectures, lecture halls were air-conditioned and professor were doing good job to make me sleep. Mess food was awesome so I preferred to miss it. Breakfast didn't exist as meal. Yes I had lunch in mess and dinner was on canteen. I liked idea of surviving on Chicken Biryani, Pizzas and Coke. Maggi was a daily evening snack. I am glad I am still in touch with few people but its not the same. I am busy and they are busy.

I got job, thanks to my college reputation. I moved to Gurgaon with that 2 bags of luggage. I wanted to be a Structural Engineer and design another wonder but I soon learned that wonder designers don't get to live in them. They live in 8' X 12' on sharing basis. My father stopped pocket money so I had to learn to cook for myself. I did it for 6 months. Think about it, go to office for 8 hours and come back home in the AutoRickshaws of Gurgaon and cook food for yourself. Hey but good thing, I had friends with whom I cooked and bought Vodkas and cigrettes. I had to pacify myself on icecream cone by McDonald's and Pizzas were only once in a fortnight luxury. My idea of babe-watching was to stand in Delhi PVRs. And all my shoppings were from Big-Bazaar. I didn't like it so I moved to softwares.

I came to Bangalore in May, 2000 with my two bags. I bought car in less than 6 months. Though the room size didn't change but I know didn't have to share it with someone else. Life looked amazing. I made so many friends. I learned to go to discos and booze all night. Race cars in night and go for long drives. Bangalore felt like my city. I had half my dinners in classy restaurants and all parties in 5 stars. Motto of the life- live in office for 15 hours and come back to my 8' X 12' for 5 hours. I lived with people whom I didn't see for days, or should I say they didn't see me for days. In casual cloths there was hardly a brand that I knew about and I didn't have. Then someone told me MBA would be a good idea and I said good-bye to everyone.

So I came to ISB to live in another 8' X 12'.

12 years of my life has been spent with 2 bags of luggage and in a room of 8' X 12'. 12 years I am trying to educate myself to make me worthy of this world. This SUCKS. I feel like prisoner who have been on move from one place to another. I am supposed to do some duties and I get to live for that. I am sick now, I can't drink and I can't smoke. I am physically unfit. I am scared of making friends, as I know I would have to same them goodbye soon and never see them again. Will I spend rest of my life like that?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

They can make me do it but NOT with dignity

I hate this place, this zoo, this prison, this reality... or whatever you want to call it. I hate to follow this system, these rules. They are trying to control me, telling me what to do at every step. I hate to wake up and follow my destiny to reach there. Then to stand in line and wait...just wait. I stand there looking these scared faces, as if their ends are near. They are eyeing each other with mask over their faces to see who's more drowned than themselves. Few get satisfaction and other get further drowned. They all were brought here to collabrate (or to compete) with each other, with their inner most fears placed right across them. They smile at each other, even say 'Hi', while they know at that very hour, time is running against them. I hastely stuff myself without enjoying the taste of bread and banana as if it doesn't matter any more. I walk out only to stand in the middle of four pillars and a circular frame, with a burden right above my head. I wonder should I walk back to my closet to close my eyes and rest in my own hallucination or should I walk to one of those pillars to take a door to levitation. My inner voice makes me resign the idea of salvation, yes they even managed to cinch even my inner voice, my soul. I walk into a machine and that delivers me infront of a pyramid. When I see that pyramid, I see an inverted V. I fantasies to be Robert Langford of "Da Vinci Code" puzzling myself whether architect of this building was a member of one of those secret socities often mentioned by Dan Brown in his novels. My eyes roam around to find more clues for my assertion, only to find a lady with an eagle in her hand and spikes in her head. Her evil look helps me regain my senses and I am brought back to reality, this reality, this zoo, this prision. My eyes go further to find stairs, rather attractive stairs, but I already know where they lead. I again have to choose to walk these ever going stairs or turn around, but do I really have a choice. They have bugged me and now there are no choices to be made. So i leap and leap and leap further to stand in front of gatekeeper. But this gatekeeper is different, he doesn't have the keys, he only has locks, chains, shackles for my brain and more. My feet walk to him to get a menacle and then I crawl to get a place where I can entangle my thoughts.

- This is mid-term syndrome, there is more to come. just keep reading.

Monday, May 08, 2006

First Critical lesson

Yeah I have joined ISB. And it has been few weeks. Place is great and so are the learning opportunities. As always said that you learn most of the things out side class room. And that what you will learn from your batchmates would probably be more valuable than what you learn from professors. Hey I don't mean any offence to amazing faculty of this institute. I am just setting some perspective here and a little exaggeration is required to set it right. Now you wondering well what did I learn? hmmm I would be glad if you could even get a hint, well here is "the story" anyway.

I came to this place and I am excited like hell (refer post: I resigned). I met people and I made friends. Yeah I thought I made friends. Sure we are different people but then we gonna have some kind of belonging for all our lives whether we like it or not. I didn't think this then and certainly not this way. I was just too excited to meet new people and make new friends. There are some people whom you find friendly and nice, and who you think are genuenly interested in life of yours, so you LIKE them (peOPle) and then there are those who you just pass. So you decided to remove all your covers and share about you with these peOPle, yeah I mean just being childish and talk without thinking, emailing without (second) thoughts and all that. AND BOOM. oNe among such peOPle does something. oNe shares your personal email to oNe with others (oNe' friends) and make stories. I felt disappointed. I can't think why, but I felt disappointed. Are my expectations so high from peOPle? I sure dunno. ..... Alright alright story is fine now what's the lesson. I won't give you that so easily, would I? No.

Then an angel came. anGel is also among those peOPle whom I have liked, fortunately. anGel told me not to coverse anything with peOPle or people in writting or in way that could be hold against me. anGel tells me that I am getting seasoned. Truth is I got hurt, but then that is how MBAs talk. "Nobody gets hurt, they only get seasoned." anGel told me to be careful and think before I am being myself especially with peOPle. And I said sure I will. I feel elated that there are collegues of mine who take things in perspective. Who know what all this world is about, and who is standing on which side. anGel told me to be more thoughtful about my deeds. So you think that is the lesson that I learnt, well don't jump to conclusion that fast.

Lesson, ok here it is. There are all kinds of people in the world. Among these people there are some peOPle whom you like and then there are others. Among peOPle there are some oNes and there are some anGels, some disappoint and some come to you to stand by you. Lesson that I learnt, if there are oNes around you, there are anGels too. Don't let any oNes disappoint you or make you change and appreciate anGels and get inspired from them. In short, you gonna find all kind of people in the world, don't let some nerds affect your life, coz every such nerd you gonna find some goody. Now its on you, whose the person that makes impact on your life.

I made my choice.